Friday, February 25, 2011

D is for????


 It's been faaaar too long people. But hey! I've been busy. ...And I'm about to get even busier. (Gasp!) Long-term subbing job in English!!!! Yaaaaaaay. 'Kay, seat-dance done. Back to hair...

Pics: compare the two sets below to see the difference that "dry" can make ...

                   Front Wet

         Notice the uneven, crunchy, stringy effect. Characteristic to all wet hair, especially wet hair that's being passed-off as styled. (As opposed to a beachy-effect which, yes, is also styled--most of the time. But styled to make "stringy" look sexy.) 

                                                                          Front Dry
Dry curls means style will hold shape.   
                     Back Wet
     Here's a close-up of not only my curl-clips (those things I've been talking about!), but also how fragile curls are when wet. It's near-impossible to maintain the definition of a wet curl when styling. Think of a snowflake. It's like crushing that pretty, lacy pattern. Tear-down-the-cheek. I've found that when I try to style wet curls (as I have sooooo many--toooo many--times in the past), my curls turn to frizz and when that happens, the general style I created does, as well. Worse! When I go to unravel that up-do, instead of curls cascading around my face and shoulders (think movies, readers!)...frizz flops and plops like bails of hay in a barn. ...Now there's an image!

             Back Dry
        Okay, it's blurry. Definitely diminishes the effect. (Photographer, I am not.) Still, what I'd like you to focus on is the difference in volume. Notice in the "wet" picture, the crown of my head has a matted effect. One could argue this is due to the curl clips, buuuut... Not so. Notice in this picture that the volume afforded the bounce of a dry curl is enough to overpower even hair clips. Again, drier is best for styling because of this. Because natural volume amasses.

Okay, now here's the real kicker .......


Can ya believe it!? Me neither. But this particular day, I had the time to let 'er air-dry-out, and it worked for me. BUT if you don't have that time, in if you're in a suuuuper pinch, here's a really great tip....
Diffusing Tip: Start on high. Finish on medium. (Or low.)
I know. I mentioned this waaaaay early on, and even used a cautionary tone. But that's because I never actually tried it...(Sheepish grin.) However, this morning, on yet another freeeeeeezing, snowy day with lots-ish to get done, I couldn't take it any more! HAD to get my main dry...NOW, darn it! So. Started on high. Waited for hair to reach the texture of a cold ramen, haha. (In other words, until my hair was stiff and not as wet, but NOT totally dry.) From there, I diffused on low (I have no medium setting), and used my free fingers to help separate curls and add lift to roots. Voila! Beautiful. (But no picture bc I'm 'bout to be late to work!)